Smith Pets Family Farm 

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At this time we raise and offer...
New Zealands
Lion heads
Flemish Giants
Champagne D'Argent
and a cross between any of these
We will be adding silver fox and silver marten.

I guess if I am being honest the title of the page isn't being very honest, I was not ready for rabbits not even close! But after much convincing from Ben he got me on board and I am so thankful he did!!! I am loving this addition to the homestead! They are fun to watch and interact with. They take up little space, eat very little and are fairly low maintenance and have a fast production/turn over rate. Unlike, chickens the wait for a grow out to become of size to put in the freezer is shorter so you can get more meat and faster. I have yet to eat rabbit but we will be trying it soon. We also sell some of our babies not all of the breeds we raise our meat rabbits.