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So for our youngest daughters birthday when asked what she wanted she told us a pig. N was turning 5 so it was our opinion we were doing something right when she asked for a pig over a video game or toy. We had always planned on having pigs and raising piglets for meat and to make a little profit. So we did some research and found a hog farm close to us with piglets available. We went and purchased her a gilt (a young female big that hasn't been bred or given birth). She named her Gladdis Glitter and we have no idea where she came up with that but we love it. GG is a Yorkshire. We are in the process of finding GG a boar (a male intact pig) to marry and have babies with according to our daughter. My understanding of pigs before we got one was they were dumb, messy, stinky and their best quality was bacon. GG has completely changed my perspective of the animal. Pigs are highly intelligent so much so that they can be trained and can even learn their own name. She also has very little odor, even when we went to the hog farm with hundred of pigs the odor was very minimal. A huge plus to having GG is that she will eat almost anything scraps from dinner, veggies trimming from the garden, we do provide grain but with this benefit the grain use is minimal. She is messy since they don't sweat she loves to roll in mud and can destroy the ground I no time. As long as you keep them in an area you are ok with them tilling up then you shouldn't have any issues. GG is quickly becoming one of my favorite animals on the farm. We have since added a boar and 4 other females and hope to have piglets in the near future.

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